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Regional 9-1-1

Provides emergency communication services to
the residents through a network of 9-1-1 Public
Safety Answering Points located in 18 counties
across the region. Assigns and maintains
addresses to all structures in rural areas. Raises
awareness of the proper use of 9-1-1 through
presentations, distribution of materials, and
community events. Provides training
opportunities for 9-1-1 call takers.

        Aging & Disability

         Resource Center

     Area Agency on Aging

     Supportive Services for

         Veteran Families

West Central Texas Aging and Disability
Resource Center (ADRC) assists persons with
disabilities, seniors, veterans, family caregivers
and agency professionals to help evaluate the
types of services needed and provide information
and referrals on available services.

The Area Agency on Aging works to plan,
coordinate, and direct a full range of services to
assist older persons, such as: Meals,
Transportation and In-Home Services. The Family
Caregiver support program is designed to provide
assistance, support and services to caregivers.
Benefits Counseling provides assistance on such
matters as wills and estates, living wills, durable
power of attorney for health care, and property
disputes, as well as, counseling for Medicare and
Medicaid benefits. The Ombudsman program
provides information about selecting a long-term
care facility, eligibility criteria, and advocacy for
rights and quality care of residents.

In partnership with the West Central Texas
Regional Foundation, the Supportive Services for
Veteran Families provides rapid rehousing to
prevent homelessness among veterans and their
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