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Economic Development District

   Other Regional Programs

West Central Texas Economic Development
District assists the region with economic
development through planning, loan preparation
and maintenance of the Community Economic
Development Strategy for use with grant

Council Finance, a Certified Development
Company, works with the Small Business
Administration and private-sector lenders to
provide financing to small businesses. Council
Finance enables expanding businesses or
business start-ups to secure Long-Term, Fixed-
Interest Rate Loans for the purchase of land and
buildings, as well as, for remodeling and

Big Country Area Health Education Center
(AHEC), created in March 2005 as a partnership
between Texas Tech University Health Sciences
Center and WCTCOG, addresses the health care
provider shortage and seeks to Improve Health
Care Access in West Texas through education and
development of the health care work force.

Brownfield Redevelopment completes
environmental site assessments and provides
cleanup cost estimates and cleanup planning free
of charge for locations within the WCTCOG 19

Grant Administration is available and can be
performed on most grants received including
Community Development Block Grants.

Hazard Mitigation Plans identify and address
hazards to reduce the loss of life and property in
the event of natural disasters and to enable
mitigation measures to be implemented during
the immediate recovery from a disaster.
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