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Criminal Justice

Provides basic and in-service training through
the regional Law Enforcement Academy for law
enforcement and other public safety personnel
within the region. This program affords all
criminal justice personnel the opportunity to
attend Basic, In-Service and Mandatory Training
within the region, thus alleviating the time and
expense associated with sending officers outside
the region to meet state training requirements.
Basic Peace Officer courses, which are
approximately 32 weeks long, are conducted
each year in several communities within the

   Homeland Security

Works with local public safety and emergency
response entities building emergency response
capability and capacity for the region. Emergency
Response Plans are required for each county and
city to be in compliance with the National
Incident Management System. The region has
achieved Mobile Interoperability Level 3 and with
some counties at Level 4. It is working toward the
goal of Level 5. Neighborhood Watch programs
teach citizens the basics of crime prevention and
assist communities with setting up Community
Emergency Response Teams.

   Natural Resources

Develops regional cost-effective, efficient, and
environmentally suitable Solid Waste
Management Systems; Trains and provides
technical assistance in code enforcement and
environmental law enforcement to help to Stem
Illegal Dumping; Assists small rural communities
in promotion of recycling, composting,
community cleanups, and proper waste disposal.
The West Central Texas Environmental
Partnership is available to assist communities
with starting or maintaining Recycling.
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