Closed Landfill Inventory by County

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Once you have ArcReader, you can download a "zipped" file of each county onto your computer's harddrive.

Extract the files from the "zipped" folder. Find the .pmf file in the pmf folder.

Click on the .pmf file to open it with ArcReader.

Brown Landfill  Callahan Landfill  Coleman Landfill

Comanche Landfill  Eastland Landfill  Fisher Landfill

Haskell Landfill  Jones Landfill  Kent Landfill

Knox Landfill  Mitchell Landfill  Nolan Landfill

Runnels Landfill  Scurry Landfill  Shackelford Landfill

Stephens Landfill  Stonewall Landfill  Taylor Landfill

Throckmorton Landfill