Staff Contacts

Tom Smith Executive Director (325.733.3163)
Stephanie Andrade 9-1-1 Public Education
Janna Atkins Law Enforcement Training (325.513.7624)
Bianca Baldoza Accountant I
Mandy Barreiro ADRC Resource Specialist
Stephanie Barry Veteran Programs
Chris Bradley Information Technology Services
Doug Burks Environmental Projects Program Coordinator
Nancy Chapa Community Programs
Kelly Cheek Area Health Education Center Director
Raquel Cisneros Certifed Ombudsman
Keith Collom Homeland Security Project Director (325.794.6285)
Britnee Daniels Homeland Security/Law Enforcement
Patti Davis 9-1-1 Public Education/Training
Sandra Escamilla Advocacy Coordinator
Mellisa Fairley Finance Assistant
Linda Gallion 9-1-1 Addressing/Mapping
Jason Kelton Community Programs
Alex Koons Director of Veteran Programs
Irene Laurance Criminal Justice Planning
Joshua Pauley Veteran Programs
Christal Martin Area Agency on Aging Director
John Meier Veteran Programs
Millie Montoya Community Programs
Terra New AHEC Community Outreach Coordinator
Michelle Parker Director of Finance
Ami Polston Administrative Services
Joe Rogers Public Safety Director (325.669.8056)
Mike Sanchez Maintenance Services
Lynn Sessions 9-1-1 Database/Addressing
Bill Sikorski Finance
Taylor Thigpen Staff Services Coordinator
Toby Virden Homeland Security Planner
Alesha Willis Aging & Disability Rescource Center Director
Carrie Wood Managing Local Ombudsman

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